Download Music For iPod - Can I Have Alternatives?

Whenever a revolutionary product comes into the market it and frequently creates its demand structure. I don't want to sound too complicated, but it's true-let me briefly explain. Ahead of the iPod era, there has been a plethora of MP3 haphazard quality download websites. With the coming of the iPod, Apple provided what's arguably the best-downloaded port on the web. This has altered the way and expectations of the way we download songs. Effectively the bar was raised! But what we have seen is that many of those "elderly" download sites that sprang up are still about, and these provide free songs (more about this later!). Well, quite simply You've Got three alternatives:


1. You can purchase straight from iTunes and other pay per song sites.


2. You could look for torrent files (these represent lots of the dodgy files which I talked about earlier-please don't use this choice!!)


3. You can supply your songs from an unlimited download site mp3 download. Let us look at pick number one. iTunes is highly recommended for those users who do not do a great deal of downloading, who don't be worried about their funding and prefer to stick to a "known quantity." To give you a sense of how expensive downloading individual songs can be I have about 7000 tracks in my CD collection on my iPod. Luckily, it is a 30 Gig model, so it still has lots of space-and that is my whole CD collection. Okay, I've paid for the albums and singles but just imagine if I had paid for all that music in one hit, at least7,000! Hypothetically, in the event, you downloaded just two tracks every day (which is fairly average)-you are looking at $800 from the year! What you might not have realized is that while it's relatively simple to move CDs to the iPod, it is practically impossible to transfer music that you've bought on the internet onto a CD as you need special software for it. In some ways, I prefer the older method of placing a CD of songs on my iPod because I feel much more comfortable using this choice.