Does Downloading Music Slow Down Computer?

This is My Argument I'd be a millionaire if I got $1 for every time somebody explained to me they would delete some of the files in their computer to speed things up. Most computer users feel that downloading songs slow down a computer and using a huge number of Gigabytes of documents in their PC slow their computer down. I'm delighted to tell you it isn't correct. Your hard disk could be full to the brim, but if you constantly optimize your hard disk (by defragmenting it), it wouldn't slow down your computer. Downloading music does not slow your computer down. You may download as much music as you want and your computer will be as quickly as it needs to be. The only real way downloading music can slow down your computer is that if folks decide to download music that they navigate through many sites. Along the way that they can pick a virus from these sites. Music, games and sensual content websites are the maximum risk online for the virus. Also, individuals, who download music for free usage applications such as Limewire that's a famous resident for many viri. You may be duped to get a virus onto your computer because you believed it was an audio file, which will slow down your computer and even worse it may crash the PC. Another manner downloading music may slow down your computer is that as you download more music, you're using up space on the hard disk-drive. If you delete some music, these spaces around the hard drive are then available, so in the event, you do not constantly defragment your fragmented disk, you may experience a slightly slow hard drive. A slow hard drive is a slow computer.